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Training Aids & Tools

A big favourite at What’s New in Fitness because small training aids and tools can compliment your general fitness offering and bring alive your one-on-one PT sessions and your group fitness training and performance sessions (such as HIIT) by offering exercise variety and variations at a personal level and training intensity and that can make the difference between your members coming back or not! Check this out on a regular basis, there is always something new hitting (or about to) the Australian market.

RDX Wrecking Ball Punch Bag

RDX RR Wrecking Ball Punch Bag

RDX handmade Zero Impact G-Core Non Tear wrecking ball. Made for specialised training regimens, the  RDX RR Wrecking Ball Punch Bag is available in 60x60cm and comes with special Maya hide™ Leather built gloves and ...

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Technogym Skilltools Kit

Empower your training with the all-encompassing SKILLTOOLS KIT. Designed around the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING. Competition can come down to the smallest measurable dimensions. Every athletic detail matters as much as every rep counts or the tiniest ...

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TRX XD Kevlar® 10″ Med Ball

TRX XD Kevlar® 10 Med Ball

The only company able to tout the worldwide license for DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber-based fitness equipment, this extremely durable and low-bounce med ball keeps its shape due to its patented construction. Made with DuPont™ Kevlar®, the ...

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