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Tomato Pill To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

Tomato Pill Based On Famed Mediterannean Diet Now Available In Australia

A once-a-day pill – based on the health boosting properties of the famous Mediterranean diet – is now available for the first time in Australia to assist patients with a history of heart problems.

Doctors believe Ateronon, which is rich in the antioxidants found in the skin of sun-ripened tomatoes, may help fight arthritis, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Studies of the micronutrient lycopene, have shown its unique capacity to maintain good arterial health.

Dr. Peter Kirkpatrick, Consultant and Honorary Lecturer in Neurosurgery at Addenbrooke Hospital, recently told the British Cardiovascular Society annual conference: “Hundreds of studies have now shown the benefits of lycopene in boosting the immune system and reducing the incidence of a variety of conditions. There is now convincing evidence that high levels of plasma lycopene can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 20% to 30%.”

Upon its release in the UK, the pill was hailed by the British media as a potential “lifesaver”.

  • “Super pill is key to living longer” – Daily Express
  • “Tomato pill hope for stopping heart disease” – BBC News
  • “Could cut heart attack risk” – Sky News
  • “Cuts heart and stroke risk- a lifesaver” – The Sun

Ateronon is a natural food supplement with potent antioxidant properties, including a high absorbable form of lycopene. One pill contains the equivalent of one kilogram of sun ripened tomatoes. After a series of in-house and independent clinical studies and widespread success in the UK, the supplement is now available for sale in health food shops across Australia.

The company has signed an exclusive deal with Australia’s largest health food chain Go Vita, which will see the pill available nationally through 150 stores.

A 2014 study[1] by British scientists found Ateronon may benefit cardiovascular disease by affecting the level of harmful fats in the blood. The natural supplement is derived from lycopene, the substance that gives tomatoes their red colour. The pill helps to maintain heart health in patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Leading Australian preventative cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker, stated that a high intake of the carotenoid lycopene is an excellent adjunct in the management of common cardiovascular disorders.

“Cardiovascular disease places an enormous burden on the Australian Healthcare system,” Dr Walker said. “Ateronon reduces the oxidisation process in the arteries by sending signals to the cells and there is no other lycopene product like this available in Australia. This once a day pill has the ability to boost the efficiency of blood vessels and improve the flow of blood throughout the body. The sunshine diet of tomatoes has been proven as one of the keys to good heart health. A daily ‘tomato pill’ should only be taken in consultation with a doctor, and while not a substitute for other treatments, may provide added benefits when taken in conjunction with other medication. Reducing the incidence of heart attacks and strokes can only benefit the already strained public health system in Australia, not to mention the tragedy for the individuals whose health is affected.”





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