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Tips for Training Success

Your clients and members can achieve better results by heeding these tips for training success, from Coach Sean Connolly, MS.

1. You can only get to where you’re going with a correct map.

Sure. We all know that getting into shape is amazing but how do we get there? Do you just listen how someone got to their ideal body and think it could happen to you? Or do you look at all of the amazing people that have followed a similar road map to the same destination? (I now understand how some travel agents do better than others!).

2. No matter what people say or what you read, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Some people are born with it while others (me included) have to work hard for it. Results take their time but once you know what you’re looking for then watch some amazing things happen.

Hard work (and smart work) is the biggest difference I see between those who succeed and fail. Seriously! That’s all it is. Do you think you would achieve better results if you learned how to enjoy how to cook amazing and flavoursome foods, compared to someone else doing the same program who just steamed chicken and vegetables everyday? I know which one I would choose!

What’s your best tip for achieving results?

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