Thr1ving Healthy Food Business

THR1VE Founder & CEO, Josh Sparks has successfully combined his extensive business experience with his passion for health, fitness and wellbeing through good diet and exercise by starting the THR1VE paleo-to-go fast food chain. The THR1VE menu is founded on scientifically-proven dietary protocols that enhance the way people look, feel and perform.

Based on the results of research and inspired by the Paleo, Primal and Mediterranean diets, THR1VE food is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, gluten-free with no added sugar. Meals are delicious, served within minutes and priced to compete with the major fast casual dining brands.

THR1VE takes the guess work out of having a healthy diet and enables people to look and feel good. THR1VE meals are simple, convenient and affordable so there’s now no excuse for eating poorly when you are on the run.
When his first THR1VE Paleo-to-go fast food outlet opened in the Sydney MLC Centre in 2012 it quickly attracted a growing number of customers, largely by word of mouth and social media recommendations.

THR1VE Canberra Centre opened in 2013, Melbourne Emporium Centre in May and the second Sydney store opened in Westfield in August. THR1VE’s first Brisbane store is due to open in November this year. All stores are company owned.

What may appear to be an instant success is actually based on a successful business career and a passionate personal interest in improving his own health and wellbeing through exercise and eating properly. Josh Spark’s business career included several years in CEO roles with sass & bide and Thom Browne in New York, and as a Managing Director of Urban Outfitters Inc in Philadelphia.


Josh says, “I was always looking for an edge to enable me to live life to the full. Almost accidently I started eating what is now described as a Paleo or Primal diet: lots of meat and seafood, fresh veggies and fruits, and nuts and seeds.”


“I quickly noticed positive changes which encouraged me to do some research. I was greatly influenced by Robb Wolf’s book ‘The Paleo Solution’ so I changed my diet further by dramatically cutting back dairy, and eliminating legumes and processed sugar altogether – and I experienced further positive results.”


“These effects are what are driving the THR1VE business. Customers who want to look, feel and perform better are enjoying the same positive experiences that I had. Our 12 Week Transformations, where we sponsor selected customers to completely overhaul their lifestyle, have produced some frankly astonishing results.”


“In a broader sense, I am committed to improve community education on the importance of diet and exercise – it is literally life changing. Healthy food is not only good for you, it is delicious, cost effective, and quick to prepare.”


“It is an entirely reversible tragedy that more than 14 million Australians are overweight, and more than 5 million of them are obese, massively increasing the risk of serious illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also places an unsustainable burden on our fragile public finances. On an individual level, and for our way of life as a society, simple changes in lifestyle will be transformative. My dream is for THR1VE to help inspire those changes.”

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