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There Is A New Revolution!

There Is A New Revolution!

There is a new revolution sweeping across Group Fitness in Australia. Following its enormous success overseas, Gymstick is taking giant steps with its group fitness program, Gymstick Muscle.

Gymstick Muscle is a unique muscle conditioning class that’s easy to deliver and for members to follow. Its success is based on an exclusive progression based technique called Trios that delivers an effective total body conditioning workout with outcome that includes muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning and mobility.

Goodlife Health Clubs have commenced rolling out classes and Melissa Guest-Smith, National Group Fitness Manager has said

“As a National Manager I am always looking for unique programs that will give both members and prospects a point of difference from our competitors. The launch of Gymstick Muscle, along with incorporating gymsticks into other classes, has been a huge selling point for our timetables. Classes continue to reach capacity (40-60), and members are now requesting additional classes so they can substitute more Gymstick Muscle in place of traditional barbell programs. I would highly recommend Gymstick Muscle to any club owner and Group X Manager who wants to continually innovate their timetables, and ensure they offer programs that get results…Fast!

Fully accredited workshops are available for new Gymstick Instructors along with regularly updated licensee free music, marketing material and discounts on class sets.

For more information call 03 96466867 or visit

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