The World’s Sexiest Treadmill

The Voyager Smart Treadmill is hands down the sexiest treadmill I have ever seen.

It’s designer, Il-Seop Yoon from Seoul has created the visually stunning and super entertaining Voyager Smart Treadmill.

So other than the obvious good looks,  what makes the Voyager Smart Treadmill so smart. Firstly there is a hand held motion remote controller so you don’t have to reach out or fumble with console controls to modify your workout. Without affecting your running form, the Voyager reacts to hand movements to perform tasks such as changing mood, selecting apps or even navigating through webpages. There is also a camera/speech recognition system so speaking out loud will allow you to access your run.

The rear speakers eliminate any background noise and allow you listen to your own music in complete surround sound.

Training modes to keep you focused and extend the experience include:

  • Travel – go on a trip around the world and experience new places.
  • Sport – sense real race running as you compete with other people who have ran the same course.
  • Game – turn your workout into a game and become your own character.

Voyager Smart Treadmill - Screen & Hand Controller

Voyager Smart Treadmill - User Modes

As a marathon runner myself you can’t beat the outdoors for a multitude of reasons, but I do have at least one treadmill session per week and I can’t think of a better way to notch up those km’s than hopping on the Voyager Smart Treadmill.

Okay, okay, enough!!! Alas, and sorry to burst the bubble, but the Voyager Smart Treadmill was only ever a concept and never went anywhere near production. Shame really, as unlike our recently published article Immersive Fitness Hits The Treadmill where we asked is the VUE VR Treadmill the future of Fitness, this is a actually a treadmill that would inspire any gym goer to well, have a go!

Maybe this is the perfect crowdfunding campaign?


Article compiled by Craig Mac for What’s New in Fitness.

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