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The World’s First Fitness Business Podcast Launches In Oz

Active Management have launched another fitness industry world-first with the release of the first ever fitness business podcast.

Hot on the heels of releasing the world’s first virtual showbag, as part of the annual Connections event held at FILEX last month in Australia, Active Management is confirming its position as a global industry innovator.

“We know there are podcasts educating consumers and we know some PT coaches have podcasts. But we were amazed that there was not a podcast that purely focuses on delivering business information specifically for fitness business owners and managers,” says Justin Tamsett, a Managing Director of Active Management.

A podcast is a digital audio file that is available for downloading and listening to, via a computer or portable media player (including smartphones).

“The benefit of a podcast for owners and managers is they can listen when it suits them. Video is an amazing platform, but you have to watch and listen. Blogs need to be read. Podcasts are audio only, which means our fans and clients can ‘consume’ the content while they are working out, driving, walking , preparing or undertaking any other activity,” says Tamsett

The Fitness Business Podcast is broken into four segments:

  • A current consumer trend
  • Two interviews with the fitness industry’s best leaders from around the globe
  • A practical tip from Active Management’s podcast consultant, Sharon Tousley, to help you produce your own podcast.

“I am really excited to compere this amazing production,” says Chantal Brodrick. “I am interviewing Brent Darden and Bill McBride – former Chairmen of IHRSA; Nardia Norman –Australian Fitness Network’s 2014 Personal Trainer of the Year; Krista Popowych – IDEA’s 2014 Trainer of the Year; and Dr Paul Bedford – the Retention Guru.”

Brodrick is the principal personal training business coach for Active Management and has hosted the last two years of podcasts. She believes that this new version is 100 per cent better.

“Listeners will be amazed by the take-home value of the information we share; plus we include links and resources on our monthly blog, which will directly accompany the release of each podcast.”

The Fitness Business Podcast can be found on iTunes and is available now. To ensure you never miss a monthly show, you can subscribe to the podcast directly from iTunes.

For more details about the world’s first Fitness Business Podcast, contact from Justin Tamsett using the form below.


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