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The Wholesome Athlete Reviews The GoodnessMe Wholefoods Night Markets

Meg Gillmer, the Wholesome Athlete, recently attended the GoodnessMe Wholefoods Night Markets in Sydney. Here is her review of the evening.

The event was a brilliant evening, set in a breathtaking setting.

The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney were lit up with fairy lights and there was a distinct a buzz in the air. Imagine an outdoor space full of devout “foodies”, going shoulder to shoulder, all sampling the latest wholefoods.

The stall holders were passionate about their products, generously sharing samples and taking the time to explain health benefits and product information.

It was inspiring to be able to talk with these proud business owners about their quality products.

As the evening progressed, I ended up with bags of samples and treats all purchased for incredibly low prices. My specific favourites included “Mayvers”, a family owned Australian Company with their range of organic, pure state nut butters. Their almond, sesame, chia and nut super spread is dangerously addictive but really health-conscious.

Another is from a small company called Banting Food, which had some beautiful breakfast options.

It’s such a treat to find a quality product that contains no grains or gluten, vegan and which is paleo friendly and contains less than five per cent sugar.

This one tastes divine with cacao nibs and cinnamon.

And it wasn’t just food on offer. Rosehip Plus were there with their original and new range of organic beauty products. I’ve used their face products before but I took full advantage of their market prices, to stock up for myself and others.

The whole event was nothing short of spectacular. The mood, the people, the providers and the juice bar made the evening such a memorable event and I am counting down until the next one!


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