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The Wellness Revolution- Technogym

f you haven’t yet heard of “Technogym – The Wellness Company” then this is an article you can’t afford to miss!

The Mission: “We offer innovative solutions to help people achieve wellness through engaging exercise. We are guided and united by Wellness as a social responsibility.”

Recognised as the world’s leading fitness and wellness equipment manufacturer, Technogym is renowned not only for their superb equipment but also for their “Wellness System,” – an amazing computer program, which redefines the scope for clients and trainers to communicate with each other, and gain feedback from each and every workout.

The benefits of the system are manifold, and include: increased motivation and adherence to training, greater results – and higher levels of retention.

The system works like this: A client is assigned a key, which carries the details of their personal program on it, such as: exercise selection, sets, reps, load and even range of motion for each exercise! Once inserted into a machine, the key guides the client in the set up and execution of every repetition, including speed of movement.

Videos of each exercise are also shown as often as is needed for the client to feel confident in their workout.

At the end of every workout, the information on what their session is uploaded from the key and entered back into the client’s computer file. Graphs of what they did compared to what they were asked to do, are then available for trainers and clients alike to see.

This allows for constant monitoring, and individual changes to be made – but wait, there’s more! The system has a messaging component allowing trainers and clients to communicate with each other even if they haven’t seen each other on the day. Motivation, feedback on performance, and program adjustments therefore are literally at your fingertips, and clients experience a new level of customer service and loyalty they never deemed possible.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in describing this system to you, so if you would like to know more about Technogym and their unique Wellness products, contact Elite Fitness – Australia’s agents for Technogym on: 1300 654 599.

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