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The Secret to Weight Loss… Is Out!

No other machine has as many dedicated fans as the Arc Trainer®. Their facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest page have been flooded with comments, posts, and videos from dedicated gym goers – or Arc fanatics, as they like to call them. They simply cannot get enough of the Arc Trainer and its unique benefits.


What has members hooked? The Arc Trainer burns more calories in less time (16% more than an elliptical). It’s scientifically proven to be gentler on the joints (84% less stress on the knees). Research also reveals that the Arc Trainer increases endurance, speed, vertical jump, and power.

In a nutshell, it’s the secret weapon that’s helping gyms get more members in the door. What does this mean for you? Happy members equal higher retention rates! And at Cybex, that’s our #1 goal.

Visit to discover why the Arc Trainer wins more members.

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