Sunday , June 26 2022
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The Run Rocket

The Run Rocket is a fantastic innovative new product which gives you an effective way to train for the peak performance, sustainable speed, explosive power and incredible agility.

You have a harness which you wear around your waist, a cable from the Run Rocket is then attached to your harness. You can then adjust the level of tension  on the cable as you run. The Run Rocket can adapt to any strength level or training style by simply turning the resistance knob on the top of the machine. The cable extends up to a full 36.5 metres allowing athletes to really stride out. The Run Rocket Automatically retracts its cable, so you never have to recoil it yourself and has no dangerous pullback.

The Run Rocket is still compact enough to fit through doorways for use both inside and out and the rubber grip feet allow it to be used safely on gym floors or any outdoor surface. During team workouts, the quick change resistance knob makes it easy to adapt to all ability levels and make it a great way to easily track improvement.

The Run Rocket will allow you to explode off the line when competing in any sport and will give you that edge you’ve been looking for.

To enquire about the Run Rocket or Xtreme Fitness Australia click here.

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