The Newest Way For Trainers To Find Work & Clubs To Find Trainers

The Reserve Bench (TRB) is Australia’s first online job tool of it’s kind.

Specifically developed for trainers and the fitness industry, TRB connects fitness trainers and gyms together across all types of available positions, be they full time, part time or that last minute emergency fill-ins.

There’s no resumes, no job ads but whoever needs to, can find the trainer they need with ease.

TRB understand fitness work can be a bit unpredictable at times because of it’s fast, flexible and fun nature. So in response, an online community was created where trainers can be found by those who need them.

TRB is ideal for trainers who already have jobs but who want to pick up extra work because there’s no need for them to market themselves to the clubs, because TRB do it for you. The aim of TRB is not just to become the largest growing database of fitness trainers in Australia, but the most active database.

Despite the size, every fitness business runs on the power of people, with trainers often being the heart and soul of the business because they are the reason the customers come back; in fact, the relationship built between trainer and client is the engine room of any business. So TRB have come up with a brand new way for fitness professionals to find work, and for clubs to find trainers – in a very easy way.

Trainers no longer need to search for jobs, fill out forms, write or rewrite their resume and then wait for a response which can take weeks.

Similarly, clubs save valuable time not having to write job ads, read through countless resumes or sit through tiring interviews. With just a few clicks of the mouse they can have an answer for their problem, and in some cases, even on the same day.

The way The Reserve Bench works is just like a bench on the sideline that is full of players ready to go. Trainers are spotlighted with a free profile (approved by TRB), which details info about each trainer including the type of work they’re looking for and the locations they will work in. The searching club can then connect in just a few clicks. And when the trainers are contacted about a job they simply need to reply YES or NO to the offer. How great is that?

The business needs a sub. Could be a fill-in for one session or a bunch of sessions. It could be part time, full time, holiday cover or sick cover. Or maybe the business is expanding? Perhaps a new skill set is needed? No matter what the club need, the business can look to The Reserve Bench and find qualified, local professionals who are ready to go. They pick one (or more) that match their needs, send off an offer and BAM! They’re off the bench and into the game.

Thanks to The Reserve Bench, when it comes to hiring, the game and the rules have changed.

Victoria is already up and running. Plans to roll out into all other Australian states are well underway so clubs and trainers who want to find out more should or visit where you can also complete your profile, in just two minutes of your time, which will provide access to unlimited employment opportunities. So what are you waiting for?

Article written by The Reserve Bench for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Autumn 2017 Edition.

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