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The Next Generation Fitness Ball from Loumet

The Next Generation Fitness Ball from Loumet

Next generation fitness ball
Stediball™ combines a world class burst resistant fitness ball with a free-flowing stabilizing material that adds 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) weight to the ball. The inner material is specially formulated to freely move in different directions when using the Stediball™ both on the ground and in the air.

The Stediball™ combines in the one product the benefits of the fitness ball with attributes of the medicine ball, balance trainers and oscillating resistance training.

The fact that the Stediball™ won’t roll away makes it the ideal fitness ball for the gymnasium, clinic, studio and office.

Safety & Resistance
Resistance from the inner Stediball™ material allows beginners, rehabilative users and the elderly to more safely perform exercises that are often too difficult to carry out on a normal fitness ball.

More than just a fitness ball
The Stediball™ allows more explosive activity to be performed, which burns more calories, results in a higher heart rate and is specific to improving athletic performance

Advanced exercises
Stediball’s stabilizing material allows it to be used for unique exercises and dynamic routines & progressions that are not possible with a normal fitness ball.

Pick it up and move
When you pick up and move the Stediball™ its inner material flows freely to engage your core muscles and stabilizers in a new and challenging way.

When moving slowly the Stediball™ helps with muscle conditioning and when moving fast Stediball™ provides muscle activation.

In addition to audio cues from the moving material, the translucency of Stediball™ allows visual references while performing unique exercises like rotations, circles and figures 8’s.

Ball size: 65cm diameter and come with exercise booklet.

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