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Alpine Runner Incline Trainer - Available in Australia from Novofit

The New Alpine Runner From True Fitness

The team at TRUE Fitness have released a series of premium cardio and strength fitness products with charcoal frames!

Meet one of those, which is now available in Australia…the TRUE Fitness Alpine Runner

Encompassing the latest technology and safety features, the incline trainer ranges from -3% to 30% with a cushioning system and deck built to relieve impact on joints while your members climb the heights of famous landmarks.

Proven to burn more calories, the Alpine Runner has an incline range of negative 3% to 30% making it the ultimate training tool for both user and facility.

About Novofit”
Novofit have a single mission: to be Australia’s trusted provider of global fitness brands for the commercial, wellness, performance and functional training markets. A complete solution for all clients that will bring together innovation, design, quality, performance, technology and most importantly, a user experience that will ensure all clients are set on the path of success.


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