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The Industry At A Glance

The Industry At A Glance

“In their annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2012, the American College of Sports Medicine identified access to educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals as number 1 on a list of 20 consumer trends.”

Rising health awareness has prompted Australians from all walks of life to invest more in their health and fitness. Over the last decade, there has been strong growth in the industry, with around 3.3 million Australians estimated to have used the services of a fitness professional in 2011; and it is expected that this growth will continue well into the next decade.

Consumers of fitness services have become more demanding and discerning in their choices. In fact, many now want fitness services shaped around them as distinct from the more traditional gym-centric services.

The fitness industry is highly competitive with respect to price, location of services, quality of facilities and services offered. In addition to this, most market segments tend to be well catered for, posing challenges for industry businesses to be able to differentiate themselves by the range of services offered and the introduction of innovative approaches and programs. But, the pursuit of innovation must not come at the cost of ensuring a high standard of customer care, safety and service.

Fitness Australia believes that highlighting quality and standards in the industry is important for the future development, reputation and positioning of the industry. Enhancing the professionalism of the workforce through enhancement of the professional registration system remains another key priority. Through this system, national consistency in professional standards will be achieved together with a clear scope of practice for each level. Fitness Australia will also continue to work collaboratively with education providers to ensure that the professional workforce has access to high quality continuing education programs.

Trend information
Understanding and monitoring industry trends is important as it assists the industry to potentially ‘see around the corner’ in terms of where they may be heading, and also to enable businesses to make important investment decisions.

Trend information is vital for successful future planning for the industry.

To this end, Deloitte Access Economics was recently commissioned by Fitness Australia to conduct a survey of businesses in the fitness industry in order to provide a detailed overview of the industry, The State of the Industry Report 2012 (to be published in October 2012). This report follows an earlier report, the Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2012, which documents the current supply and demand of fitness professionals in Australia with projections for the future. These reports are companion documents, providing a robust source of information that will assist Fitness Australia to help create a fitter, healthier Australia through evidence-based decision making and industry advocacy.

Lauretta Stace is the Chief Executive of Fitness Australia. Fitness Australia is the leading peak health and fitness industry association providing a range of business support services and solutions to almost 30,000 registered exercise professionals, fitness service providers and industry suppliers Australia-wide. Their advocacy and research work ensures that the diverse interests of the fitness industry ranging from business challenges to accessing the latest industry information are well represented. To find out more visit

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