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The Hypersphere Massage Ball

Compared to other SMR/ massage balls, the HYPERSPHERE helps to pinpoint and release trigger points faster, deeper, and less painfully using high-intensity vibration.

The HYPERSPHERE is portable and only 12.5cm in diameter, which helps to release tension in targeted areas better than any roller.

Tech Specifications and Features

  • Three Vibration frequency levels: 45, 68, 92 HZ
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries for over 2 hours of use
  • 12.5cm in diameter, ideal size for trigger point release
  • Travel Friendly- TSA approved as carry-on, light and compact
  • 1 year warranty included

HYPERICE - The hypersphere and hypershere mini - yellow

Physiological Benefits 

  • Loosens and releases trigger points or tender area as fast as 30 seconds
  • Can be used to relieve plantar fasciitis, tight hips, tension in upper/ lower back, sore pec, or tight piriformis
  • Significant reduction in pain associated with myofascial release.

The Hypershere and Hypershere Mini are now available in Australia – enquire below.

List Price: From AU$249.00

The Hyperice Hypersphere Massage Ball was featured in WNiF Magazine – Winter 2019 Edition.


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