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The Badbag from Body Options

The Badbag from Body Options

The BADBAG is the ORIGINAL and Ultimate Training Bag as it incorporates a wide variety of exercises on the one lightweight, durable bag.

The BADBAG® has the versatility of working both indoors and outdoors with no or very little equipment. It allows the trainer or individual to train the whole body in both a Cardio Vascular and Strength based environment. Its fantastic design allows the individual to go from exercise to exercise without stopping and adjusting any other piece of equipment.

It is a Portable Step, Bench or Punch/Kick Shield that can all of the following and more – Bench Press, Flys, Bent Over Row, Seated Press, Front/Side Lateral Raise, Squats, Inc/Dec Push Ups, Sit Ups, Hamstring Raises, Bicep Curls, Overhead Tricep Extensions, Thrusters, Plymetric Push Ups, Plymetric Jumps, Punching seated/standing, kicking, Step Ups, Jack Jumps….etc. All this in a light weight 5kg bag…It was the Body and Soul FITNESS PRODUCT OF THE YEAR…

To purchase the BADBAG, to find out more about our TRAINING COURSES or look at our creative exercise equipment go to www.bodyoptions.com.au or contact us direct on M -0439845513.

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