Technogym Unveils Industry First Connected Strength Equipment Range

Technogym has unveiled the industry’s first range of ‘connected’ strength equipment – SELECTION PRO

December, 2016 – An enhanced collection of strength equipment outfitted with the cutting-edge UNITY™ MINI console, Technogym presents the new SELECTION PRO line, which offers users the only connected strength training experience on the market.

SELECTION PRO is the widest range dedicated to strength training, including a total of 23 pieces of equipment that cover all muscle groups and join ease-of-use and comfort with high-level performance and reliability.

Developed by leveraging Technogym’s extensive background in scientific research, the upgraded SELECTION PRO line further enhances the end- user experience, thanks to a variety of new features like the Visual Flags for an immediate set up and the Optimal Grip for the best ergonomic handle.

Acting as a virtual strength training coach, the UNITY™ MINI engages users with content, including tutorial videos, pre-programmed strength routines and advanced exercise biofeedback, thanks to the Strength Pilot options on the SELECTION PRO equipment.

With a simple glance at the UNITY™ MINI console, users can correct their range of motion and speed of exercise execution, improving their form, posture and overall physical performance.

Utilising Wi-Fi, UNITY™ MINI automatically tracks and pushes user training data to the mywellness cloud, the fitness industry’s first cloud-based open platform, and provides seamless access to personal profile and training programs.

The SELECTION PRO range includes:

  • Thirteen products for the training of the upper body: chest press, pectoral, vertical traction, pulldown, low row, lat machine, pulley, upper back, shoulder press, delts machine, arm curl, arm extension and multipower;
  • Four products for training the core: abdominal crunch, total abdominal, rotary torso, lower back;
  • Six pieces for training the lower body: leg extension, leg curl, leg press, abductor, adductor, multi hip.

For product samples, please contact Jemma Logan at Niche Marketing Group on 02 8585 4317 or email

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About Technogym
Founded in 1983, Technogym is the world’s leading international supplier of technology and design driven products and services in the Wellness and Fitness industry. Technogym provides a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside a digital cloud based platform allowing consumers to connect with their personal wellness experience anywhere, both on the equipment and via mobile when outdoors. With over 2,200 employees and 14 branches globally, Technogym is present in over 100 countries. More than 65,000 Wellness centres in the world are equipped with Technogym and 35 million users train everyday on Technogym. Technogym was the official supplier for the last five editions of the Olympic Games: Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012 and has been appointed as Official Supplier also for Rio 2016.

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