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Technogym App Launched In Milan

Technogym, the leading wellness, fitness and sport equipment brand, is launching TECHNOGYM APP – the app designed to motivate you to move more and become healthier! With Technogym app, you can live a “Wellness on the Go” lifestyle as users can access their wellness data anywhere, at any time, including at the gym, at home, outdoor, at work and when travelling.

The app enables you to contribute to Technogym’s, “Let’s Move for a Better World”, a social campaign that allows users to donate their physical movement and convert your MOVES – MOVE is Technogym’s unit of measurement to track movement – into meals for children in countries affected by malnutrition, with the support of the World Food Programme. The campaign will launch on 1st May at Expo Milan 2015 with the global goal of turning a global health issue, like obesity, into a an opportunity to fight world hunger.

Technogym APP measures your MOVERGY – your personal daily movement index. The app assigns you a daily movement target and the MOVERGY “clock hand” helps motivate you to reach it, with the aim to take you from SLOW to ACTIVE, all the way to SPORTY.

To help you improve your lifestyle and reach your goal, Technogym APP also includes Wellness Cards that are filled with top tips, programmes and information on exercise, sport and health; basically a wellness agenda that helps you finding time for your wellbeing. Wellness Cards include a video-exercise gallery, developed by Technogym and tips on movement, nutrition and mental approach.

Thanks to Technogym’s MyWellness Cloud, the Technogym app integrates indoor training performed using gym equipment with daily life activities and outdoor training (running or cycling), directly through GPS and smartphone accelerometer functions. The app can also be integrated with the most popular wearable devices and tracking apps, in particular Apple Health Kit and Apple watch.

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