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Survey Finds Fitness Club Members Prefer Email

Fitness club members would prefer to receive an email from their club than any other form of communication.

With 45% of fitness club members stating email is their preferred communication channel with their club.  The next preferred method is an email newsletter so when you put these two together 67% of members would prefer some form of email from their club.

However clubs overwhelmingly prefer to communicate with members in person.

This information was given by nearly 20,000 fitness club members across Australia and New Zealand in the recent Fitness Industry Survey.

“If used effectively, email can be perceived to be a more personal form of communication. Even when you are emailing out to your full database, you can still craft your email in such a way that the person receiving it feels like you are only writing to them, whereas it is obvious that is not the case when using the broadcast format of social media updates. But most importantly, if that is how your members prefer you to communicate with them, then you should give them what they want!” States Loren Bartley, Social Media Consultant and Coach at Impactiv8

“Clubs are missing out on a big opportunity here,” says Celeste Kirby-Brown, Director of Sales, Marketing and Relationships at Ezypay.  “Email is a cheap and easy way to communicate with members and talking to members personally is just a waste of time and money – especially if they would prefer an email.

Kirby-Brown states “Clubs need to be using a club management system like iconnect360 that allows you to communicate directly with members and stores the email history right there in the system.  Clubs using iconnect360 can create email campaigns to prospects and also set up on going communication to members.”

You can view the full member infograph and download a free copy here.

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