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Street Strider – The World’s First Indoor/Outdoor Elliptical

Described as ‘running on air’ the revolutionary StreetStrider combines the benefits of jogging, skiing and cycling, whilst burning an amazing 1000 calories per hour.

“This is one exercise product that actually lives up to its billing”, that is a glowing endorsement StreetStrider recently received from the America Council of Exercise.

StreetStrider is the Elliptical machine you see in the gym, evolved into an attention-grabbing “ Elliptical that moves you! “. It offers an amazing total body, low impact workout, while also receiving the load bearing benefits.

StreetStrider is a much-needed alternative for people of all ages and fitness levels, who are injured or rehabilitating, but still seeking a thorough and enjoyable workout. With a range of models consisting of T6 aircraft alloy frames, Shimano gearing and Sturmey Archer drum brakes, the StreetStrider is built to last and can master any terrain. Universal Trainer Stand enables indoor training with its own computer for added levels of resistance or wireless model also available.

It seems outdoor loving Australian’s are reveling in the StreetStriders health and fitness benefits. To enquire about becoming an Australian distributor, contact StreetStrider Australia on 1300 886 558


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