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Star Trac E-TRxe Commercial Treadmill

Star Trac E-TRxe Treadmill

The Star Trac E-TRxe commercial treadmill builds upon the excellent E-TRx.

Besides having a 20% incline and 15 mph top speed, this unit gets a 15″ touchscreen, iPod integration and the Star Trac Coach® — a system that selects from more than 1,000,000 workouts!

Boredom is out of the question. More than a million workout combinations ensure that each workout experience is as varied as users like. And like other Star Trac treadmills, this unit features Soft Trac®, a triple cell cushioning system made from Neoprene, for exceptional shock absorption

  • 15″ Touchscreen: Star Trac’s intuitive programming is made even better! The 15″ touchscreen has a 20-character readout and can show iPod videos. It also makes it easy to align workouts with personalized fitness goals; here users can access the Star Trac Coach. The Coach draws from more than one million workout combinations to keep boredom at bay.
  • Workout programs: In addition to the million+ possibilities from the Star Trac Coach, eighteen workouts and fitness tests have been programmed into the console. Some examples are Constant Heart Control, Dynamic Heart Control, ARMY Protocol and NAVY Protocol.
  • Motor: Star Trac now features 5HP motors, making their treadmills powerful enough for intense club use by people of all sizes. The E-TRxe can accommodate users weighing up to 500 pounds.
  • Speed: Can trainees attain 15 mph? If they can do, this machine will support it. Most club treadmills top out at 12 mph.
  • Maintenance-free: Like most club treadmills, this unit doesn’t require lubrication or bolt tightening. The entire E-TRxe treadmill is virtually maintenance free and is meant for the unsupervised facility. For longevity it has a reversible deck and 3.5″ track rollers.
  • Stability: This machine will stay put under intense workouts. It weighs 477 pounds and has a 500-pound user weight capacity.
  • Track: Extra roomy and impact-absorbent, the Neoprene track is a hit! By reducing the shock of impact, it helps people train for more time yet reduces the likelihood of injury. The belt is 60″ long and 21.5″ wide, whereas most commercial treadmill tracks are 60″ long x 20″ wide.

The E-TRxe helps showcase why Star Trac is a leader in the commercial fitness equipment industry. From the track rollers to the digital programming, the machine runs smoothly and is high quality.

For more information on the Star Trac E-TRxe Treadmill contact Summit Fitness here in Australia. To view more from the range of commercial fitness equipment and commercial treadmills from Star Trac and Summit Fitness click here.


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