Sport Le Moda: Inspired luxury athletic wear

Inspired luxury athletic wear label Sport Le Moda has arrived

The next level of luxe sporting fashion is here, with the launch of new Australian active wear label Sport Le Moda.

Created for women who strive for performance and sophisticated style, Sport Le Moda pieces have been designed to give women both high functioning and fashionable fitness looks for their daily wardrobes.

Director and designer for Sport Le Moda, Rachel Huntley says the brand is founded on a desire to make comfortable workout gear more creative.

“I was inspired to create clothing that was both practical yet fashionable. I have a love for experimental European design and wanted to incorporate this into a feminine and fashion inspiring leisure wear label,” says Rachel.

The first collection of Sport Le Moda exudes a futuristic feel, with vibrant neon greens contrasting with metallic black prints. Pieces include crop tops, hoodies, jackets, tights, shoes and accessories. A stylish body suit can be paired with a trendy leather skirt, elevating the sport wear to style status.

Functional as well as fashion-forward, garments are specially designed to promote fast sweat evaporation and to prevent clothes from sticking to the body. Fabrics are given an anti bacteria treatment, ensuring durability and comfort after a work out. Sport Le Moda pieces also feature built-in cooling technology, allowing the wearer to feel 1 to 2 degrees cooler compared to other standard workout fabrics.

Embracing the high performance workout gear is former Olympian and wellness influencer Amanda Bisk, stylist Claire Parviz, health and food expert Jacqui Toumbas and fitness models, Katherine Osborne and Rebecca Jobson.

“Each of the Sport Le Moda ambassadors brings something special to the table within the health, fitness and fashion space. They each represent the values of the brand by being inspiring, yet down-to-earth and approachable,” says Rachel.

Priced from $50 to  $200 per garment, click here for more information and to view the new sporting line.

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