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SpinStar: A Fresh Approach to Spinning

SpinStar is fresh new indoor cycling studio in Prahran, the first in Melbourne with an online booking system that allows people to reserve a specific bike when they book into a class as well as being licensed to play original music in classes led by some of the best trained and most experienced instructors in Melbourne.

The studio brings a brand new look to group fitness. Instead of the usual dark indoor cycling room with neon lighting, the beautifully designed 200sqm SpinStar space is flooded with natural light and features a LED lit 7.5m wide forest mural behind the instructor and a feature pod and furniture made from sexy Oriented Strand Board.

The studio is being opened by Pam Meyerowitz who developed a passion for indoor cycling in 1998 at the Grand Hyatt, the first gym in Melbourne to introduce the exercise, which was invented by Johnny G (Goldberg) in California whilst training for The Race Across America.

Since then the popularity of the high cardio low impact classes has grown to the point where every decent gym has an indoor cycle studio. Yet there are still few dedicated cycling studios in Australia although following trends in the US the numbers locally have doubled in the past year.

The appeal of a dedicated studio is a pay as you go pricing with no long term lock-in contracts and the fact that most are licensed to play original music, rather than imitation cover music. Meanwhile, gyms are favouring cover bands over original music due to the expensive licensing fees by APRA and PPCA in Australia.

This use of cover music is spreading dissatisfaction among gym goers who are missing out on the variety of freestyle instruction and original music. A specialist studio offers instructors the freedom to be creative, for example music themed classes (imagine 45 minutes of Madonna or Rock n Roll), longer classes and even Tabata (high intensity interval training) classes.

“A great freestyle cycle instructor is an artist, able to adapt and change, challenging experienced riders to be their best whilst simultaneously coaching and guiding new riders,” Meyerowitz said.

SpinStar allows people to buy individual rides or to buy a block of rides and subsequently book into a class and reserve a bike online via their desktop, tablet or smartphone through its smartphone enabled website.

The proliferation of indoor cycling studios in gyms and studios catering to hard-core cyclists has given indoor cycling a reputation for being for the super-fit only.

In reality, it is an ideal form of cardio exercise for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Unlike running, indoor cycling is low impact and structured so that each individual, when correctly coached, can pace themselves through the class at a level that suits their level of fitness.

SpinStar has 23 Keiser M3+ bikes which feature easy to read computer consoles, showing RPM (revolutions per minute), Watts in real time, time duration, distance covered, and heart rate (for those wearing heart rate monitors).

The classes are run by some of Melbourne’s best trained and most experienced instructors. The studio will be holding special 30 minute introductory classes for beginners, some low intensity classes as well as the usual 45 minute classes plus a weekly 1 hour session.

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