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What is Spinning®?

It’s hard to recall a time when riding a bike indoors with 20 of your not so close friends was unknown.

Back in the early 1990s and there was no such thing as indoor cycling and most gyms offered little more than circuit and aerobics as group exercise.

Fast-forward twenty years and thanks to the dream of a South African born ultra-endurance cyclist by the name of Johnny Goldberg – the fitness phenomenon of indoor cycling was born.

Johnny G’s vision was to create a program that was based on road cycling, exercise science and a mind body connection in a mainstream, non-intimidating environment. Regardless of age, gender, size or fitness ability anybody could do a SPINNING class and “find their champion within”.

Partnering up with his ride buddy John Baudhuin, together they created Mad Dogg Athletics Inc – the company that continues to keep Johnny’s dream alive in over 80 countries across the globe.

Unfortunately those who mistakenly have slotted in generic terminology like ‘spin’ can dilute the understanding of the real SPINNING experience.  People using the word ‘spin’ referring to the style of exercise regardless of the class style, format or education of the instructors. The fitness genre is indoor cycling and there are many other programs each having their own philosophies.

For those unaware SPINNING is in fact a brand name that equates to a very specialized product and program and all indoor cycling is definitely not all the same. Just as a Zumba® class with a trained instructor is not the same as you are you’re ‘besties’ dancing around your living room to Latino music.

When you go to a SPINNING class you are in effect experiencing twenty years of education through instructors that are trained and up-skilled professionally with comprehensive courses offered face-to-face or online.

When you go to a SPINNING class you get a ride that will be based on real cycling movements adapted from outside riding to the indoors.

A Spinning class will challenge and develop you both physically and mentally in a safe, effective and fun way through the application of exercise science, road cycling and sports psychology. After two decades this formula continues to keep people coming back for more because of the indisputable life changing results.

As the representative of MDA for Australia Blue Fitness is very passionate about protecting the brand name, our facilities and instructors who are SPINNING authorised. We also want to ensure there is no confusion when a savvy fitness enthusiast wants SPINNING, then we want to make sure that’s exactly what you get.

If you would like more information on delivering the original indoor cycling program and becoming an authorized SPINNING facility or becoming a SPINNING instructor please contact Blue Fitness.


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