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Sam Wood Creates 28:28 Program

Sam Wood, TV personality and one of Australia’s most well-known personal trainers has expanded his high-intensity workouts made famous at his premier personal training facility, The Woodshed, to incorporate a full health and wellbeing program called 28:28.

Following the success of the February program, Sam is calling on his expert friends in nutrition and mindfulness once again to create a holistic program for March that is bound to change lives.

Specifically targeting the time poor and those whose motivation has a tendency to waiver, for less than $2 a day, the regimen focuses on 28 minutes of tailored exercise over 28 days, with meal plans and mindfulness activities included in the program.

Each 28-day period, participants spend 28 hot, sweaty minutes with Sam working through an HIIT session. While workouts are short and sharp, the difference with this program is that support is ongoing. Sam takes an up-close-and-personal approach to his community, talking to them every day throughout the 28-day period.

From fitness facts, to 4am selfies, to decoding health and fitness jargon, Sam is there to help his 28:28ers navigate the often-daunting task of a lifestyle overhaul.

The social side of the program doesn’t end with Sam, 28:28ers also gain access to a closed Facebook community where they can interact with other members – experiences are shared and motivation is inspired.

“When people start a 12-week program they can lose momentum because it’s a long way to the finish line. The beauty of 28:28 is that motivation stays high. Interval training studies indicate that shorter training periods are more effective and coupled with my support an incredibly passionate community that members can tap into, you can’t go wrong,” says Sam.

As part of the Facebook community, participants can ask Sam questions daily, share their personal fitness challenges as well as their successes and discuss what they like about the program.

“Some of the most common questions I get asked are around exercise technique, why 28 is the magic number and about curbing food cravings, so I address these a lot during each program. We’ve also introduced new sleep meditations into this month’s program based on feedback. I take feedback and my community very seriously. We’re in this together,” he says.

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