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Queenax - Celebrity Michelle Bridges Workout Session

Queenax Australasia Take 2015 Melbourne Expo By Storm!

Queenax Australasia had a major presence at the Australian Fitness and Health Expo in Melbourne over the past weekend, and would like to extend their show specials for a limited time to WNiF readers.

On The Arena, Crossfit champions competed on, as well as below the custom-designed Queenax frame, as part of the Rob Forte Invitational. The Clean Health Strength Sports Challenge made use of the Olympic racks that can be installed on the frame, showcasing the versatility of Queenax.

On the Celebrity & Expert Training Arena, Michelle Bridges and Commando Steve took groups through their paces. Max “The Body” Philisaire played on the Queenax Format Frame, making pull-ups look effortless and gaining a few new admirers along the way.

The Queenax stand displayed some of the smaller frame options, for personal training, home gyms and small studios.

There were some great show specials available, which Queenax have decided to extend for 2 weeks only for readers of WNiF: –

The 7.5m X2 Format Frame on the Queenax stand and the 7.5m X3 Format Frame on the Celebrity & Expert Arena are both available with a special package of training applications including: –

  • Super-functional trapeze bars
  • Boxing bag
  • Mini trampoline
  • Battle rope and much more.

The One single beam station is a very popular option for small rooms and to create innovative storage solutions. A basic The One package includes:

  • Removable training bar
  • Storage shelf
  • Super-functional trapeze bar

For a full quote at their discounted prices, contact Queenax via the enquiry below by Thursday 30 April.


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