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Personal Training & Our Troops

With 1,000 of our 1,650 Aussie Troops set to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year and with next year being the 100 anniversary of ANZAC, the health of our returning soldiers is a pressing issue for all of us. Ex -Australian Defence Force (ADF) members often battle with debilitating issues while transitioning back into society.

Founder of In and Out Fitness Organisation, Dane Christison, is a young ex-infantry soldier (East Timor, Iraq) and was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, severe depression and alcohol abuse 4 years after discharging from the ADF. He is a living, breathing example of overcoming adversity, and he wants other young veterans to be inspired to do the same. Dane’s organisation was founded to support returning soldiers to not only survive in society but to thrive.

There is so much that goes into being part of the ADF, both mentally and physically and there is so much emotion that goes into what they see and do on the job. So after leaving the ADF it is no wonder so many people struggle. “People seem to lose their way quite quickly and find it hard to manage their life in the transition” Dane says. Seeing and experiencing this first hand has lead Dane to develop his “Post War: Survive to Thrive” program, which is designed to helps those suffering both physically and mentally after deployment.

The In and Out Fitness Organisation and Onfit Training College are now working in partnership to create initiatives so that veterans can help each other through the transition process.

ADF members often have extensive experience in fitness so what a perfect opportunity to use this experience to thrive and develop a career! As part of Onfit Training College and In & Out Fitness Organisation’s partnership, ADF members and their families are able to get a 30% discount on Onfit’s nationally recognised fitness courses. With the training now online, if you find it hard to do fulltime study, this initiative allows you study and be tested, at night in the comfort of your own home.

Together In and Out and Onfit are working to find new ways that we can support our ADF members so they can thrive in society. There are some really exciting projects in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for them in the future!

Click here to enquire about Onfit’s offer for ADF members and the In& Out Post War: Survive to Thrive Program.

Photo caption:  Dane (left) Founder of In & Out Fitness Organisation with Rhonda (centre) and Don (right) the owners of Onfit Training College.

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