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Priceless Vitality Health And Wellness Website Launched

Ian Peric to help thousands of Australians who can’t afford healthcare services.

The first-of-its-kind online community, Priceless Vitality, that provides discounts and services in the health and wellness sector for Australians has been officially launched.

Priceless Vitality is a completely not-for-profit venture by former technology engineer, Ian Peric, which will change the way the Australian community accesses health care services.

According to the Private Health Insurance Administrative Council (PHIAC) 2014 report, more than half of the Australia population currently do not have private health insurance that would cover a significant proportion of health care costs should they get sick or injured. This not-for-profit aims to fill a gap for patients who cannot afford to be significantly out-of-pocket for healthcare services while also helping the working poor who can afford health insurance and inviting the wealthy to tip generously to help support others(1).

“A community will often come together when a member is sick to ensure they have access to the best treatment and services. I wanted to replicate that caring and nurturing community in an online capacity because, I would like to help everyone get access to the best care and treatment possible, regardless of their bank balance,” said Ian Peric, founder.

In Australia, it is no secret that, the cost of living is going up and more Australian’s than ever before are living pay cheque to pay cheque – making it harder to prioritise proactive health activities and also making getting sick or injured a huge financial threat to many.

“My old life which was filled with energy and endless possibilities, ended when it I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I felt broken and I wasn’t able to lead my active life or even get out of bed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work and stressing about finances wasn’t helping my condition. In addition to my family and friends, I would have loved to have had the broad base of caring community and support that Priceless Vitality provides. Not just the nourishing healthy options but connecting with people who care as well. It makes me smile just thinking about it,” said Simone Moszkowicz, the founder of FibroModem.com

Priceless Vitality runs purely to benefit its members and the wider community, with any sponsorship and donations being invested back into the website and other community health initiatives. Vendors have the option to donate their services online where patients can directly access their offerings with a range of potentially flexible payment options including trades, discounts and payment plans.

“A very close friend of mine passed away last year from bowel cancer. When he was sick he couldn’t find a central hub with healthcare information and services. I wanted to utilise my skills as an engineer to build a platform where people, like my friend, could access anything from the right food, to massage therapies, to General Practitioners. I don’t want people and their health to suffer based on the cost of a service and I want to encourage those who can afford it to tip and pay more to help nourish everyone’s health,” Ian continued.

Although the website has only officially launched today, Priceless Vitality already has 34 businesses, products and offerings from all over the world available to its members. Any businesses or persons with an offering that contributes to health and wellness  can upload a special deal or a suggested price for their service, which is optionally open to negotiation.

Visitors can then navigate the site according to their issue and be presented with relevant experts and their helpful pricing options.

Click here to visit the Priceless Vitality website or watch the video below to learn more.


(1) Quarterly Gap Payment and Medical Benefits Statistics, 2014.

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