Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Predator Sled by Aussie Strength

Are you looking for something different in your training? Aussie Strength have redesigned the prowler sled, making a more compact version that still has all the amazing training benefits of the original prowler! Smaller overall dimensions with all the same training applications.

The smaller version means easy storage in your gym, or easy transportation if you need to take it from the gym to your outdoor training area in your car or trailer. Removable vertical poles for pushing, and includes a heavy duty harness for pulling exercises.

Our sleds also include two high density plastic strips under the sled where the sled usually meets the ground. This gives your sled a longer lifespan (the plastic wears out and can be replaced if needed), and allows for easier use on rubber gym tiles indoors.

The strips can easily be removed if necessary. The weights can be loaded onto the centre of the sled, so the load is always centralised and the sled won’t ‘tip over’ or be unbalanced like other prowler designs All in all this is one heavy duty sled, with some fantastic training applications!

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