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Precor Unveils the Newest Iteration of Its EFX Elliptical Crosstrainer

Precor today announced the launch of the EFX® with Converging CrossRamp in Australia, the latest iteration of the company’s iconic EFX elliptical crosstrainer. The newest version of the EFX includes features focused on enhancing a gym operator’s business and giving exercisers a more personalised fitness experience.

“When we created the elliptical category in 1995 with the original EFX, there was nothing like it on the market,” said Jim Birrell, Chief Innovation Officer. “Operators loved it because it attracted new members and exercisers were drawn to it because it offered an unmatched fitness experience. The newest EFX takes all of the science and business insights we’ve collected over the past two decades and incorporates them into this updated version.”

The EFX with Converging CrossRamp has features aimed at helping facilities operate more efficiently through enhanced serviceability, and at offering exercisers a more personalized workout experience with a new CrossRamp and touchscreen console. Highlights of these new features include:

  • Improved Serviceability: Now access to mechanical components only requires a Philips screwdriver or bare hands. Moreover, servicers can access mechanical components in just under two minutes, drastically reducing the amount of time spent attending to equipment. In addition, the rear drive housing and CrossRamp are now enclosed, making it easier for operators to keep them clean and protected from dirt, dust, and sweat.
  • The Active Status Light™: The Active Status Light, first introduced in 2014 on the Precor treadmill, is an external status light that indicates the operating condition and when to perform life-extending maintenance. The addition of the Active Status Light to the EFX with Converging CrossRamp gives facility operators the ability to address maintenance issues and get one of the most popular pieces of equipment back online more quickly.
  • Converging CrossRamp: A superior path of motion exclusively from Precor gives exercisers a unique elliptical experience that more closely matches their natural gait, delivering a personalized fit and feel. University evaluation shows that the new converging motion reduces knee flexion and overall range of motion.
  • New Console: The EFX will be offered with the new P82 console, which features Android-based technology, faster processing speeds, and embedded Wi-Fi —all features that give operators the ability to run business better and meet members’ needs.2

“You can tell Precor did their homework with knowing what the major concerns were from the user’s standpoint,” said Greg Stephenson, Fitness Director at University of Minnesota. “We love our current EFX ellipticals and it’s hard to believe that Precor improved on something that was already a well-designed machine, but they did.”

The EFX with Converging CrossRamp is now available in Australia.


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