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Precor - New Resolute Pin-Selected Strength Equipment

The NEW Precor Resolute™ Strength – Where Quality Meets Premium Design

With more than three years of study, development, and testing, Precor introduce the Resolute™ Selectorised Strength Line.

Our significant investment in research and thoughtful design has resulted in a premium, biomechanically sound, high-quality strength experience that fits beautifully in any facility and delivers long-term success for members and operators alike.


The word ‘Resolute’ expresses an unwavering determination toward strength, precision, and success. We have intentionally combined a sleek, minimalistic design with heavy-duty, durable construction materials to both amplify the elegance of your strength area and ensure that you receive the highest value for the entire lifetime of the equipment.


In thinking deeply about what is best for the body, we have reimagined how best to serve exercisers through smart design features.

One example of this thoughtful approach can be found on the Resolute Rotary Torso.

Our unique starting point adjustment allows exercisers to easily transition from the left to right side from a seated position. This design feature allows the most intuitive and efficient way to navigate the motion on both sides of the body.

Precor - New Resolute Pin-Selected Strength Line - Machines


Testing to ensure that our equipment holds up for years to come is one of our core principles at Precor. Even the upholstered pads of the Resolute Line underwent 1.2 million cycles of testing to ensure that our equipment meets the highest of durability standards. This means that our equipment will not only hold up over time, but that it will look as beautiful on the last day inside your club as it does on the first.


We pride ourselves on achieving high quality and delivering high value. Our approach to the finishes of Resolute improves functionality as well as ease of maintenance.

For example, textured hand grips prevent slipping but are also designed to be less porous which makes the equipment easier to clean.

The brushed aluminium nameplates and matte finishes supply modern design accents while masking sweat for a flawless aesthetic even between cleanings.

Precor - Resolute Pin-Selected Strength Equipment - ConnectedCONNECTED STRENGTH IS HERE

We’ve partnered with Sony Advagym™ to help connect your entire facility. Easily deliver relevant content and help your members measure their progress from their mobile devices. Advagym helps you understand equipment usage for smarter asset management. Transform your gym with Preva® and Sony Advagym. More on Precor and Sony pilot new smart gym solution.

Precor - Resolute Pin-Selected Strength Equipment - LeverageLEVERAGE THE COMPLETE STRENGTH PORTFOLIO

Resolute Selectorised is part of the Precor strength portfolio which has grown for over 30 years to include Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded and Benches and Racks, plus Icarian® Functional Selectorised and Multi-Station units. The quality, support, and design features of Resolute are also pillars of the entire strength portfolio.

Precor - Resolute Pin-Selected Strength Equipment - ServiceTOP-RANKED SERVICE & CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Precor is ranked number one in service by independent service providers. When you choose Precor, you choose the best. Delivering excellent customer service is also one of our core values. Ask your Precor representative about our service plan options that provide the best in customer support and peace of mind.

Want to find out more?
More information about the NEW Precor Resolute Strength Line is available from Australian distributor Novofit – enquire below or call 1800 628 824.

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