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Precor Launches Bespoke Exercise Entertainment Via Video On Demand

Leading fitness equipment manufacturer, Precor launched a new service at the 2015 Australian Fitness & Health Expo and FILEX Convention, ‘Video on Demand’ that will elevate operators to a different class by enabling their members to select music and entertainment that not only compliments the intensity of their workout but also lasts the full duration.

Preva On Demand provides an extensive menu of music and entertainment videos from YouTube, the world’s most popular online video-sharing site, designed to motivate and inspire exercisers while they work out. The Precor-curated music video playlists include pop, rock, country and a wide variety of other music genres. Users simply select their favourite genre and workout intensity level.

Peter Dugmore, Business Manager, Precor Australia said: “Preva networked fitness already provides differentiation for operators, but the introduction of Video On Demand, free of charge through all P80 consoles, will give them an even greater edge.

“If an exerciser has to fumble around looking for interesting content it takes away from the quality of their workout and can lead them to quit early. Connecting with exercisers through content is likely to encourage them to work out longer and more frequently, so we have created ready-to-go video playlists in an all in one, easy to find place for in-motion exercisers to discover and enjoy.”

Unique to Precor, all Preva music playlists are based on a scientifically proven correlation between music and exerciser performance. In a recent study, exercisers who listened to music required seven percent less oxygen to complete their workout compared to those that did not. By offering selections with a performance-improving ‘beats per minute’ rhythm, operators can use music to help alter a person’s perception of his or her own effort throughout a workout.

“Music is a great way to motivate performance,” added Dugmore. “Tapping into a person’s natural inclination to move with the beat of music, we’re able to use videos as a catalyst to help an exerciser achieve better results from their workout – and the session seems to go by more quickly.”

Preva Video On Demand includes four categories each containing up to 10 playlists:

  1. Music: Broken down by genres and beats per minute, these lists include the top music from the most popular categories of Pop, Dance, Rock and Top 40.
  2. Music 2: Broken down by genres and beats per minute, these playlists feature top music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as well as Country and R&B/Hip-Hop.
  3. Extreme Sports: Designed to be visually engaging and promote fitness by showing exciting exercise stunts against sweeping landscapes, with upbeat music for a full entertainment experience.
  4. Editor’s Pick: The most watched online videos from all over the world, from impressive human feats and cute animals to pop culture trends.

Playlists are refreshed weekly to offer the vest selection of current videos, and each playlist has between 45 – 90 minutes of content to ensure it lasts throughout a complete workout.

Preva is the most widely deployed networked fitness solution in the world. Introduced in 2010, Preva is used by more than 2,000 facilities in 75 countries, providing exercisers with the tools and experiences to set, reach and exceed their goals. For instance, Preva Personal Accounts enables goals to be set each week, with targets such as distance, calories or duration as well as a long-term focus, for example losing weight, rebuilding fitness levels or toning up. Recognition rewards pop up to celebrate key milestones along the way, while workouts can be saved, so ‘favourite’ last sessions can be performed again. The Preva Mobile app means other activities, such as swimming, playing sport or group classes can also be uploaded to Personal Accounts, adding towards the weekly goal.

These same technologies also help facility operators better manage their business with solutions that improve equipment utilisation, increase retention and drive revenue. For more information enquire below.


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