Friday , September 25 2020
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Precor Australia Introduces Preva Net

Latest networked fitness feature from Precor changes how exercisers engage with workouts.

Precor is proud to introduce Preva Net, a new application that will forever change the way exercisers engage with their workouts.

For years, cardio equipment has provided exercisers a typical lineup of entertainment options while working out: watch TV or listen to music. With Preva™ Net, your members will now get an enhanced fitness experience that entertains and informs, making their workout more fun and productive.

Preva Net has been designed to deliver a wide variety of internet content carefully selected to give exercisers access to popular topics such as health and fitness, news, sports, technology, business and more, all delivered in a format designed specifically for the in-motion exerciser.

In addition to popular internet content, Preva Net gives facilities the option of enabling web browser capability so exercisers can access their favorite websites during their workout. Preva Net can also expand your ability to communicate with your members. This unparalleled technology solution combines an enhanced experience for exercisers along with improved business management tools, making Preva a powerful tool for attracting and retaining members.

Preva Net is the latest innovation to the market-leading networked fitness solution, Preva.

For more information about Preva and Preva Net click here.


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