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Precor Announces Preva® Exerciser Activity Report for Operators

Cardio Floor Data Helps Operators Strengthen and Grow Relationships with Exercisers

Precor has announced the Preva Exerciser Activity Report, a new way for fitness centre operators to gain visibility into member activity taking place on cardio floor equipment. Located on the Preva Business Suite dashboard, the Exerciser Activity Report provides operators with user insights that help operators attract and retain members.

“After talking to our customers, we discovered that they needed support for personalised in-club promotions, which can be a barrier to keeping members engaged and growing business,” said Jeff Bartee, Precor Principle Product Manager for Networked Fitness. “The Preva Exerciser Activity Report gives operators a business edge—the report offers a detailed picture of members’ equipment usage, patterns and preferences, which operators can then use to deliver personalised class and service recommendations.”

The Exerciser Activity Report provides a variety of data that operators can use to better target members and get the most out of their cardio floor equipment:

  • Usage Trends – Activity is displayed by exerciser, by day, time and cardio use.
  • Contest Participation – Data can be used to support contests that measure number of workout days, distance travelled or total calories burned.
  • Goals – Identify who has set a personal weekly workout goal.
  • Accountability for Supplemental Workouts – Gives fitness professionals visibility into clients’ cardio workouts that may be prescribed as part of a personal training program.

Anytime Fitness in Ormeau used Preva data now found in the Exerciser Activity Report to run a 12-week member challenge, where entrants burned over one million calories and lost almost 200 kilograms of body fat. Challenge participants cycled over 6,700km and used the gym more than 2,400 times between them.

The challenge involved a variety of measures across ten different scoring components, including calories burned, kilograms lost, number of group sessions completed, number of planks/pull ups performed, along with other strength and cardio-based activities.

The club formulated a scoring system and decided to use Preva data to track measures such as calories and kilograms.

According to franchisee, Mike Harrow, the idea for the challenge came from a desire to encourage member retention shortly after opening the club.

“We wanted to really engage with our members and create a feeling of community and camaraderie, and it was also a great opportunity to introduce them to Preva and show them what great results they can achieve with it,” he said.

“We had always planned to use Preva to track challenge progress as it’s so user friendly, and the challenge was a great way to grow its use,” said Mike.

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