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Precor and Suunto Join Forces

Precor and Suunto Help Fitness Enthusiasts Track Their Workouts From Treadmill to Trail

Amer Sports fitness brands Precor® and Suunto have announced the integration of Preva® and Movescount, Suunto’s online sports community, allowing users to access and record indoor cardio equipment-based workouts, as well as outdoor exercise in Preva after performing a one-time account sync, making it easier for exercisers to track progress towards fitness goals.

“We know that people don’t train exclusively in the gym or outdoors; they do both,” said Kalle Laine, Suunto Digital Services Manager. “Knowing this, we wanted to give fitness enthusiasts a way to track their indoor and outdoor training effectively and help them follow their progress. By connecting Movescount and Preva, exercisers can work towards their fitness goals regardless of where they train.”

The linkage between Preva and Movescount creates a progressive platform to help users track towards their fitness goals and become more engaged exercisers. At the gym, Preva automatically captures workouts on any networked Precor 880 line piece of cardio equipment and the Preva Mobile App can record strength and functional training. For workouts done outside of the gym, exercisers can sync to Preva via either Movescount.com or the Suunto Movescount Mobile App. For workout details, users can use a Suunto sports watch to track their outdoor sport activities and obtain detailed workout information including heart rate, speed, elevation and recovery rate.

“The ability to track exercise data is a win-win for exercisers and operators,” said Jeff Bartee, Precor Principle Product Manager for Networked Fitness. “Exercisers gain motivation and frequency of activity when they can monitor their progress towards a goal. From an operator’s perspective, the more motivated and engaged an exerciser is, the more likely they’ll continue to visit a facility on a regular basis.”

Melbourne exerciser Ken Noye is proof of this.

Ken is a 35 year old father of three daughters and lives in Broadford, Victoria. With a busy job and family and a knee reconstruction two years ago, like many Australians Ken found himself two trouser sizes bigger than he once was, not to mention a few kilograms heavier as well. After trying to lose weight and not really making progress, Ken joined Anytime Fitness in Port Melbourne.

Fast-forward six months, and Ken had lost 30 kilograms and gone from “a tight size 38 to a comfortable size 34”. And he credits his amazing success in part to Preva.

“The key to my results is definitely Preva and the Preva mobile app. It clearly shows me how many calories I have burnt, and I know what I have to do to reach my weekly goals. By also showing me what I have achieved, it pushes me to do more each week,” said Ken.

“Preva’s ability to track and show progress is very motivating. In particular, I found the percentage function really helpful. This shows you your weekly goal, and what percentage of that goal you need to achieve in your workout today. If you miss a day, it reminds you that you still have to complete that workout to stay on track – it doesn’t just disappear and let you off the hook!”

“It is really the tracking that I have found so helpful – compared to just working out with no ability to see results, it is amazing what a difference Preva has made to me,” he said.

Ken has also really enjoyed using the club’s Precor cardio and strength equipment. He trains five days a week, rising at 3am to make it to the gym by 4:45am, and on some days will also train after work.

So what next for Ken? He is keen to maintain his recent weight loss and improved fitness, and plans to continue with his exercise regime and use of Preva to keep him on track.

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