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Power Plate Trainer LIVE – Fundamentals Approved For CECs

The Fitness Generation is excited to announce that the Power Plate Trainer LIVE – Fundamentals Academy has been approved for five Continuing Education Credits (CECs) with Fitness Australia.

Power Plate Trainer LIVE – Fundamentals empowers the trainer, coach or practitioner with the skills and knowledge to successfully integrate Power Plate technology within their business, facility, or clinical and rehabilitation setting.

Applying the principles of Applied Funtional Science as developed by the Grey Institute, our goal is to provide the most current, relevant, and up to date training methodologies relating to whole body vibration (WBV). This includes how WBV enhances the neuromusculoskeletal system; the method of nerve to muscle adaptation called Reflexive Stabilisation; and the opportunity to experience the fundamentals of functional movement and integration.

Registered Exercise Professionals need to obtain 20 CECs over a two-year registration period.

For further information about upcoming courses, contact The Fitness Generation.

About Power Plate

As the global leader in whole body vibration technology, Power Plate redefines optimal health and wellness equipment for every age and ability. Engineered to apply the science behind a body’s ability to respond to changes in the natural environment, Power Plate’s vibrating platform triggers rapid reflexive muscle contractions through our proprioceptors. This activation helps to improve functional performance, gait and locomotion, balance, range of motion, circulation and stability by amplifying the effects of any exercise or movement performed on the equipment.



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