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Power Up With Activated Nutrients Daily Protein Powder

Activated Nutrients has launched their Daily Protein, a Certified Organic blend of sprouted and bio-­fermented pea protein isolate, and the organic protein-­rich, Omega-­3 loaded, Amazonian Superfood, Sacha Inchi.

“Shopping for a protein can be confusing. Whether to opt for animal or plant-­based based proteins, weeding through the plethora of information to understand what is best for your body and supports your exercise or weight loss goals can seem somewhat overwhelming,” says Dr Jaroslav Boublik, or Dr JB as he prefers to be called, Chief Science Officer at Activated Nutrients.

According to Dr JB, the new Daily Protein is formulated with a pea protein base, offering a fabulous flavour and texture alternative to animal-­based options, “Pea proteins are a truly sustainable product, good for you and the environment by helping the pastures on which it’s grown.”

Dr JB adds, “As a plant-­based protein, the supplement is already highly digestible, but we improved the already incredible product further by adding some key additions including natural digestive enzymes bromeliad and protease to help your body break down the protein and utilise the amino acids.”

Also containing pre and probiotics to further aid digestion by maintaining optimal gut bacteria, the dairy-­free Daily Protein is a delicious and gentle alternative for those who have difficulty digesting the whey protein used in so many other protein supplements.

“As humans, we depend upon the integrity of our internal population of good bacteria to process the food we consume, and that includes protein. We incorporated a variety of ingredients to ensure effective enhanced growth of good gut flora, and provide a broad spectrum of digestive support.”

Whether you’re training for a marathon, or looking to lose those last few stubborn kilos, the Activated Nutrients Daily Protein is a 100 per cent wholefood plant-­based option that has been designed to help your body break down and absorb the protein optimally, with less than 92 calories per serving.

Available in three delicious flavours, including Raw Cacao, Coconut and Vanilla Bean, the premium Coconut blend also incorporates a handpicked selection of sprouted ancient grains including quinoa and amaranth. According to Dr JB, the sprouting process reduces phytic acid content, which is important because high phytic acid levels have been associated with reduced uptake of certain nutrients. After sprouting, the nutrients will be more bioavailable and easier for your body to absorb.

The premium Coconut blend is also an exciting new option for those on the weight-­management wagon, with an added source of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus.

Dr JB explains, “L. Rhamnosus has some very intriguing benefits and has been the subject of intense study, showing that apart from assisting in digestive health this strain may also be able to influence and support weight loss.”

With no artificial flavours, fillers or sweeteners, no additives or preservatives and dairy, soy egg, peanut and gluten free, Activated Nutrients Daily Protein is the superior choice for those on the hunt for an optimal protein guaranteed to help them achieve their desired results. And when combined with Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood, offers a complete nutritional supplement.

About Activated Nutrients

Founded on the philosophy of providing honest, natural and sustainable nutrition, Activated Nutrients is an Australian company dedicated to un-­‐complicating the complex, expensive and misleading nutritional supplement industry. Using only the highest quality, wholefood ingredients, and developed using the latest science and nutritional information, Activated Nutrients is committed to delivering the best quality products, formulated with your needs in mind, so you can get the most out of everyday.

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