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Podtober Launched To Raise the Profile of Podcasts

A podcast is an audio file that allows you to listen and learn while you drive, walk, work out or sit at your desk. As Emmett Williams, President of My Zone says, “Podcasts allow me to learn on the run. I can kill two birds with one stone – get the miles in and get my education in.”

The Fitness Business Podcast launched in June 2015 and is a true success story from Australia. It is the number one podcast on the planet for fitness business owners, managers and staff.  The weekly interviews with an industry or business expert is just 30 minutes in length and available for everyone to download for free.

“We are super excited how far we have come in 16 months.  Over 51,000 downloads across 43 countries.  We are not resting on our laurels as we want to crack the next 50,000 downloads in just 8 months and then hit a total of 200,000 downloads by our third birthday,” said Chantal Brodrick, host of the Fitness Business Podcast. Our challenge is that we need more people to know how easy it is to listen to a podcast.  The Gen Y personal trainers know what they are and listen to them.  But the more mature gym owners and managers, the ones who will really benefit from this information, don’t know what a podcast is and don’t really know how easy it is to listen to them,” said Brodrick.

“In our quest to raise the profile of podcasts, we have renamed October to Podtober!  This month we have our biggest line up of guests who will inspire the entrepreneurism in everyone.  The guests are truly amazing” explained Brodrick. “One of my favourite shows has been show 70 that we called the ‘Give Back Show.’  This show we interviewed two fitness businesses raining money and awareness in their communities.  We plan to do a show like this every quarter as there are so many gyms doing amazing charitable work.  We want to highlight them and learn from them.”

The Fitness Business Podcast has made listening super easy for everyone.  You can listen two ways: search The Fitness Business Podcast on iTunes or go to www.FitnesssBusinessPodcast.com and listen direct from the website. At both locations you can subscribe so you never miss a show.

“I subscribed from the website as I love the show notes that are emailed to me every week.  The show notes have all the links that the guest shares in the interview.  It makes my life so easy,” explained Shane Mackenzie, Club Manager of The Hybrid Zone.

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