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Paul Taylor Sells PT Academy to Dominic dos Remedios

The Personal Training Academy (PT Academy) has been sold by founder Paul Taylor to former National Fitness Manager for Fitness First, Dominic dos Remedios.

On his facebook page, Taylor wrote:

“End of an era – It was 7 years ago, almost to the day, that PT Academy was founded. At the time, there were just 2 of us in a small office inside the gym of Craig Harper in Melbourne. The aim was to start a Registered Training Organisation that lifted the standards of the Fitness Industry, with a very strong emphasis on quality.

Looking back after 7 years, I think we achieved that. We pioneered online delivery and functional movement education in Australia, and went on to form a worldwide partnership with PTA Global. Now, this chapter in my life is closed and Dominic Dos Remedios will be carrying on the good work as owner of PTA, and it’s good to know that the business is in great hands.

Along the way I have had the pleasure to work with, present with, and party with some great International Fitness Industry people such as Michol Dalcourt, Ian O’Dwyer, Bobby Cappuccio, Richard Boyd, Peter Twist, Rodney Corn, Paul Chek, Ken Baldwin, Nigel Champion, Christian Mason, Roy Sugarman,Fraser Quelch ‘William Sukala Joanna McMillan, Adam Floyd Douglas Brooks, Brian Grasso, Andrew Chadwick, Donal Carr Alan Holl, Andy Birch, Joe Waide, Mark Buckley, John Berardi, Tanya Winter, Jennifer Beaton, Shannan Ponton, Michelle Bridges, Mark McKean, Matt O’Neill, Fiona Lesley Cosgrove, Mark de Wit, Jason Stella, Fergus Ahern, Rob Lander, Anthony Carey, Marcel Daane, Rob hale, Michael Cunico, Bret Contreras, Rachel Guy, Will Stewart, John Hardy, Dave Liow, Cassidy Phillips, Justin Tamsett, Justin Rossi, Valerie Jarstad , Geralyn Coopersmith, Tony Merrick, Steve Kouma, Lisa Westlake, Steve Jack, Jamie Atlas, Kevin Laferriere, Corey Bocking, Lauretta Stace, Chad Skrederstu and many, many more – that’s a serious amount of drinking buddies over the years!

I’ve also had some tremendous employees at both PT Academy and Acumotum – too numerous to mention, but you know who you are. None of it would have been possible without you guys.

Goodbye PT Academy, it’s been a great ride…”

In response, new owner dos Remedios posted the following sentiments on his facebook page:

“The last few years have been full of plenty of highs, and a few lows, but most importantly we leave Melbourne with some really great memories, amazing new friends and as the proud new owners of The Personal Training Academy , and part owners of Acumotum Intelligent Fitness , BioAge and Fitness Faktor. In particular, I want to take this opportunity to thank Paul Taylor for his vision and passion in starting PTA and together with my passionate and amazing PTA staff, we look forward to continuing the legacy of providing the most progressive and highest quality personal training certification and ongoing CEC education (such as EMT, TRX, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Sandbell, Zuu, Ankor, Oov, etc) in the country. We also look forward to strengthening the bond and expanding the reach and impact of my good friends at PTA Global – through their proven Systems, Sciences and Tools for the industry.”

We look forward to watching the PT Academy evolve into its next phase under this new ownership and we wish both Dominic and Paul the best in their pending endeavours. To enquire about the PT Academy click here.

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