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Silver Linings: OneMusic Extends Live-Streaming Licence For Fitness

Silver Linings: OneMusic Extends Live-Streaming Licence For Fitness

OneMuscic licence top-up to cover live-streamed classes.

For the first time in Australia, until 31 January 2021 fitness and wellbeing business who already have a licence with OneMusic Australia to use their music, will be able to top-up their licence to cover live-steamed classes.

This new offering gives certainty to the struggling sector pivoting to online classes to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Catherine Giuliano, Director of OneMusic said, “The additional licence fee is in four simple tiers starting from $250. The first tier will cover the vast majority of our customer’s activity.”

OneMusic is setting this up on their e-commerce website now, but in the meantime customers can email to make arrangements.

There are some limitations fitness and wellbeing businesses need to be aware of and these are outlined in more detail online but in brief:

The live-stream must be communicated from servers owned/controlled by the fitness centre (i.e. a streaming server that is not Facebook or YouTube etc). The live-stream must be from a secure password-protected website (that is, not generally open to non-members). The use of a closed platform such as Zoom or Skype is permitted.

The licence is for the purpose of live-streaming – this does not allow, for example, pre-recorded content to be shared. The live-stream is for members of fitness centres in Australia only. The live-stream can not include any third party advertising.

“At the very onset of COVID-19, we announced that live-streamed fitness classes would be licensed the same as those conducted in person. This was a special, one-off policy arranged between the two music rights organisations behind OneMusic. This ended 31 October and we have formalised the arrangement for the important summer period ahead.

“We’ve been in constant contact with our customers. They have already been so thankful for the fee-relief we’ve just issued, we have emotional emails coming in every day. Making this new live-streamed licence available in the market – even if it is only to cover summer activity – we hope will help.”

Fitness and wellbeing businesses using OneMusic’s music in their business without any licence in place need to obtain a Fitness Centre and Fitness & Wellbeing Instructors licence and the live-stream licence option will be available separately.

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