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OH! Magazine helps your members feel fab, look amazing and love life!

A new month means a new issue of OH! Magazine is available to health clubs across Australia (and New Zealand).

If you haven’t cottoned on yet, OH! Magazine is a FREE digital magazine that health clubs can distribute to their current members as a value-add, or to expired or potential members as a ‘carrot’ to rejoin – making it the cheapest and simplest member retention and acquisition tool around.

Check out the latest issue at or to see the back catalogue click here.

OH! Magazine can also be rebranded to include your own business name/logo/social media links/etc. For full details about  customisation options head to  the OH! Magazine website or email to ask about the monthly offer.

To distribute the magazine to your member database, all you need to to is email the link to the latest issue and voila, it’s done! Plus, to make it even simpler, below is some descriptive text that you may like to use to send this new edition out to your members:

Good morning and welcome to fit-Feb!

A new month means a new issue of our new in-house digital magazine – your most reliable source of healthy lifestyle information, from Australia’s leading experts.

To  help keep your health, fitness and motivation on track this month, we’ve coaxed Michelle Bridges to reveal her exercise secret to mind-blowing results (no matter what your current fitness level!).

Plus, Paul Brown answers the question ‘if I’m injured, do I have to be sidelined from my fitness regime?’.

Meanwhile, Paul Taylor challenges traditional thinking when it comes to nutrition, and Dr Joanna McMillan spills the news about booze (and how it can be a part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle).

And, to celebrate the fact that success can be sparked from adversity, we’ve shared the amazing story of the ‘Queen of Rice Paper Rolls’, Miss Nahji Chu.

All this plus heaps more, in the brand spanking new edition of OH! Magazine. Available right now, right here, at

We look forward to seeing you in the club!


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