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SportsArt Eco-Powr - Electricity From You!

Offset Your Energy Bills NOW! Introducing SportsArt ECO-POWR

SportsArt’s line of ECO-POWR cardio products harnesses human energy and feeds it back into the grid.

Plug your machine into the wall and when its used, power is generated and fed back into the power grid offsetting your power consumption.

SportsArt ECO-POWR is the pioneer in green systems that harness the power of bikes and ellipticals and puts it back into the grid.

Micro-inverters are housed inside the shrouds so there are no extra cords or boxes to manage. Simply plug the bikes and ellipiticals into the wall, and the excess energy goes back into the facility’s power grid.

SportsArt is the leading green fitness provider, developing products that are instrumental to rebuilding and sustaining lives.

10,000 Kw hours of Electricity*

SportsArt ECO-POWR - Electricity Cycle

A single workout can produce over 160 kilowatts of electricity. Now multiply that by hundreds or thousands of workouts per day and you can see the type of impact your contribution can make!

Let’s Get Technical

SportsArt ECO-POWR - Lets Get Technical

SportsArt’s ECO-POWR cardio equipment turns human energy into utility grade electricity through a micro-inverter similar to the technology found in solar panels and wind turbines.

Could harnessing human energy reduce a building’s carbon footprint?
The nexus between sustainability and exercise equipment has not been thoroughly marketed in the fitness industry as a whole. Green issues are highly technical, complex, and fast moving, and SportsArt is leading the charge with our ECO-POWR line of products.

SportsArt ECO-POWR - Download The White Paper

The great range of SportsArt commercial fitness equipment, including the ECO-POWR, is available exclusively in Australia from Summit Fitness Equipment – for more click here or enquire below.

SportsArt ECO-POWR - Available From Summit Fitness Equipment


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