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Nixon Red Dust Run

Indigenous Health is the focus

Rich and Vickie are on a new adventure… and it’s one you can be a part of in so many ways… it’s REALITY TV at its most real!

Teaming up with the charity Red Dust Roles Models and Nixon Communications, the adventurous and community focused duo are creating an adventure with a difference… they think running is a bit boring, and Rich says he doesn’t really like running that much… but he is about to run 86km a day for 14 days on the rugged and remote Heysen Trail, South Australia!


This project is about raising awareness for Indigenous health in Australia and as a way of giving back to YOU Rich is going to share through a series of mini-documentaries the MENTAL TOOL KIT he calls upon to overcome pain, fear, self-doubt and how to persevere to achieve your goals…YOU can apply this stuff in your life, it’s soooooo not about running!


Rich usually smiles and gets on with ‘the job’ when he runs these mammoth trails, but this time he’s risking everything by actually opening up about exactly what he’s feeling in those dark and painful times that he will surely face as he runs 86km+ every day.


WHERE: 1200k Heysen Trail, South Australia Parachilna Gorge to Cape Jervis
WHAT: Rich Bowles running 86k per day for 14 days
WHEN: Sun 4th May – Sat 17th May 2014
WHY: To raise awareness for Indigenous Health and to share ‘how to achieve more’ with YOU!

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