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Generation Q - The Spinning Experience
Precor Australia

Generation Q -
The Spinning Experience

Rounding out our line of indoor cycles, the third Spinner® bike by Precor is now available. The Spinner® Ride is the perfect answer for operators looking to start an indoor cycle program with highly durable bikes at a great value.

SenseON: The Lightest Clinically Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

SenseON: The Lightest Clinically Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

You wouldn’t just run 23 miles and call it a marathon. You wouldn’t go to the gym and not know exactly how much you’re lifting. Then why would you sacrifice accuracy when it comes to measuring your body’s functions like heart or breathing rate? Knowing your ...

Three Ways To Supercharge Your Career

Three Ways To Supercharge Your Career

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle."

When it comes to advancing your career, Lincoln’s advice rings true. Some people just wait for things to happen, while others actively pursue opportunities.

There are many ways to advance your career and it is my observation that highly successful professionals are committed to the following three factors.

1. Get serious about your brand - Everyone has a brand and if you are serious about advancing your career it is important to...

Three Ways To Supercharge Your Career

The Rise And Rise In Popularity Of Stair Climbing

The Rise And Rise In Popularity Of Stair Climbing

There are a great many reasons why stair climbing is growing in popularity around the globe.

Apart from the practical aspects of accessibility, adaptability to all fitness levels and no associated costs, some of the physical benefits include:

  • It’s low impact and doesn’t place great force on joints (if performed correctly).
  • Strengthens all your lower body muscles, including stabiliser muscles (to assist your balance as you work against gravity) that are often neglected during flat walking or running.
  • Intense cardiovascular workout. As stairs are steeper...

The Rise And Rise In Popularity Of Stair Climbing

OH! Magazine - May 2016

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OH! Magazine is a monthly online publication, authored by some of Australia’s leading health and fitness experts, which is designed for health clubs to customise and distribute as their own magazine for members. You can use OH! Magazine to deliver reactivation, sales, secondary spend campaigns and lots more. To find out more email havingfun@ohmagazine.com.au or to read the latest issue click the button below.




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