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Ecomo Smart Water Bottle
Ecomo Smart Water Bottle 

Is this the world's best ever water bottle?

Well, we think so! Ecomo is the world’s first bottle that tests and actually filters water. With the smart water bottle, you can test your own water safety levels. A shake of the bottle analyses Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Turbidity and Water Temperature in just 3 seconds. Shake to test, twist to filter - voila - it transforms into perfectly a clean, safe, refreshing drink.

SportsArt ECO-POWR

Offset Your Energy Bills NOW! Introducing SportsArt ECO-POWR

SportsArt’s line of ECO-POWR cardio products harnesses human energy and feeds it back into the grid. Plug your machine into the wall and when its used, power is generated and fed back into the power grid offsetting your power consumption. SportsArt is the leader in Green Fitness - Available in Australia from Summit Fitness.

Fitness & Health Expo 2017

Fitness & Health Expo 2017

Returning to Darling Harbour, Sydney in 2017 from the 28th -30th April 

2017 is set to be a huge year for the Fitness Industry as it brings the much anticipated return of the Fitness & Health Expo to the newly refurbished International Convention Centre Sydney at Darling Harbour.

Our new home will ensure that the Fitness & Health Expo together with our co-locating conference partners FILEX & Les Mills will be the largest and most exciting live fitness event staged in this country.

If you work within the fitness and health industry, you can pre-register to gain free industry entry to the Fitness & Health Expo.

Fitness & Health Expo 2017

Top Tips For Gym Floor Design

Top Tips For Gym Floor Design

From the arrangement of cardio equipment down to the colour of the walls, Juliana Mare chats to design experts to find out which floor layouts are the best for your gym.

What convinces a person to join a gym? Of course, factors like price and location are crucial in the decision-making process, but did you know that design features could also significantly impact a final decision?

Designated training spaces, traffic flow, machine availability, equipment variety and colour schemes are design features, which can be instrumental in membership sales and retention...

Top Tips For Gym Floor Design

Why You Should Pass On Your PT Clients

Why You Should Pass On Your PT Clients

Personal trainers, here’s something to think about: you need to know when to pass your client onto a different PT!

Over the years I have passed on many clients to different PT’s for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we just weren’t a good fit and neither of us was enjoying our time together. Sometimes it was because schedules had changed, but the primary reason why I have passed on many clients was to provide a better service to the client.

I have loyal clients who have been with me for years, and to be honest they probably would’ve stayed with me until the end of time if I let them. However, the question I also ask myself when...

Why You Should Pass On Your PT Clients

Women’s Health & Fitness – The Platform

Women’s Health & Fitness Summit – The Platform

Building on last year’s success, the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit are again offering ‘The Platform’.

The Platform is an opportunity for 4 new presenters to get a leg up into the speaking circuit. CEO Mish believes that the only way we can bring more attention to Women’s health is to create a new wave of inspiring presenters.

“In the age of the TED talk, it is simply not acceptable to read from a Power Point. An audience wants to be entertained. They want to be inspired. If we want women’s health on the agenda, then our presentations have to be at the highest level to get the speaking opportunities and to ultimately deliver our key messages”, she also...

Women’s Health & Fitness – The Platform



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