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January 2016



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Gym Wildlife

Gym Wildlife video goes viral - a must watch!

With over 17 million views, the Gym Wildlife video takes gym stereotypes to extremes. Don't miss this hilarious (warning: bad language is often used) take on the homo sapien variety of wildlife - those who visit the gym.

Technogym Running Music

Technogym Running Music Preview

CES 2016, Technogym announced the launch of the world’s first music interactive treadmill with revolutionary technology that detects a runner’s rhythm creating a personalised interactive music soundtrack enhancing the treadmill experience.

Using Instagram to grow your fitness business

Using Instagram to grow your fitness business

When Belinda Norton-Smith started her b.live. wear brand her main aim was connecting with people searching for great content about living an optimal life.

With her healthy eating, fitness and fashion blog and social profiles fast gaining popularity she soon acquired a dedicated following of 25,000+ on Instagram, along with interest from health and fitness businesses looking to get in front of her audience.

It was no surprise when Jo Clark, Marketing Manager for fisiocrem Australia, one of Australia’s leading pain relief creams, approached Belinda for promotional opportunities...

Using Instagram to grow your fitness business

Bing Lee & Anytime Fitness Get It - Do You?

Bing Lee & Anytime Fitness Get It - Do You?

Being a serious student of marketing, I love seeing companies thinking outside the box and trying different marketing methods – and this one was a cracker.

I heard a radio advert in the car the other day from one of our large electronic retailers – Bing Lee – nothing unusual there as they are heavy radio advertisers. However – what caught my attention was the great joint venture offer they made with with a major fitness centre chain – Anytime Fitness.

I don’t recall the exact offer – however – the guts of the message was that if you purchased a certain product from Bing Lee – they would throw in a period of FREE membership to Anytime Fitness...

Bing Lee & Anytime Fitness Get It - Do You?

OH! Magazine - January 2016

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OH! Magazine is a monthly online publication, authored by some of Australia’s leading health and fitness experts, which is designed for health clubs to customise and distribute as their own magazine for members. You can use OH! Magazine to deliver reactivation, sales, secondary spend campaigns and lots more. For a FREE fully customised trial magazine, email havingfun@ohmagazine.com.au or to read the latest issue click the button below.




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