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January 2015



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The Jungle Body
The Jungle Body

Shout if you're a skilled & professional instructor who teaches passionately? 

Founded by Australian fitness guru Tara Simich, Jungle Body® Courses cover everything from Technique & Safety to Marketing/PR Skills and Finances to ensure instructors can provide a service above & beyond their client’s expectations.

Run4 - Bionic Runner

The Bionic Runner - The world's only non-impact running trainer

Steve Cranitch, the founder of the Bionic Runner highlights that “despite all the innovation and billions of dollars spent on running shoes, injury rates haven’t changed. Check out this groundbreaking new piece of equipment available soon on Australia.

Fitness Franchises - Find Your Fit

Fitness Franchises

Finding your best fit!

Whether you want to expand your personal training business or own your own gym, buying a franchise can be an easy, faster and more cost-effective way to grow your business and achieve your goals and vision.

Whether you want to offer the convenience of 24/7 access, or go for something more specific like small communities or women’s weight loss, here are some of the franchises that...

2014 Organic Award Winners

CrossFit: Serious Business

CrossFit: Serious Business

WNiF author Toni Krasicki meets two of the best operators in the country.

It seems that the growing CrossFit community just can’t get enough of the kick-arse, vomit-inducing workout.

Like it or loathe it (because it challenges the pants off you!) CrossFit is here to stay. CrossFit gyms or ‘boxes’ are mushrooming around the country and it seems that the growing CrossFit community (those super-inspring folk who love to exercise at super high intensity!) just can’t...

CrossFit: Serious Business

OH! Magazine

Here is a ready-made monthly member magazine - FOR FREE!

OH! Magazine is designed for health clubs to distribute as their own in-house online member magazine.

OH! Magazine is a monthly online publication, authored by some of Australia’s leading health and fitness experts, which is designed for health clubs to distribute as their own magazine for members. It’s professionally formatted, ready around the 1st of every month, and it’s 100% FREE! Or you can pay to customise it to include your own club’s branding (customisation starts from as little as $65 plus GST per issue). Find out more by visiting www.ohmagazine.com.au/customisation





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