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February 2017



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New Fertility App Offers Potential Depression Solution
Natural Cycles 

New Fertility App Offers Potential Depression Solution

Natural Cycle is a hormone-free fertility app which, in recent clinical studies, was shown to be as effective as the contraceptive pill[1] and could pinpoint ovulation with the same accuracy as methods used in clinics and hospitals[2]. It is also the first fertility tracking app for women to be regulated as a medical device.

STROOPS and the All Star Fitness Training HILL

STROOPS & The ALL Star Training Wall

This is the ALL-STAR INFLATABLES company and THE HILL, powered by STROOPS. Originally designed for the military, THE HILL using STROOPS, unlocks endless training options with the added benefit of safe, low impact movements. Find a big enough park or hall, and you'll have the ultimate portable gym. 

Virtual Fitness – Demands Reach New Heights

Virtual Fitness – Demands Reach New Heights

Consumer demand for virtual fitness reaches new heights as Wexer launches unseen virtual training concepts.

Leading fit-tech company Wexer, have today announced a suite of brand new virtual classes. Produced by Move 123, the new content has been created to meet the growing demands of today’s consumer.

Demand for Meditation Training and Mindful Exercise
Meditation became mainstream in 2016 and is now recognised as a revered wellness tool around the world. However, 2017 is going to be the year when people become truly aware of meditation and...

Virtual Fitness – Demands Reach New Heights

MYZONE Celebrates 4000 License Milestone

MYZONE Celebrates 4000 License Milestone

MYZONE, the global wearable technology company, has this month announced the installation of its 4,000 license with premier fitness facility, Fitness World located in Durham, North Carolina in the US.

“American College of Sports Medicine have called wearables the #1 trend in fitness for 2 years running,” said MYZONE Founder and CEO Dave Wright, “Our accelerating growth rate is displaying that, in fact December 2016 was our biggest month to date, and January 2017 was bigger again, the wave is certainly here, we are thrilled to have reached 4000 licenses in over 30 countries.”...

MYZONE Celebrates 4000 License Milestone

Low Carb Fat Diets - Are they Fad or the Future?

Low Carb Fat Diets - Are they Fad or the Future?

Online Event: 11am Thursday 23rd Feb 2017 – and we have some free tickets

There’ a war on social media between fans of low-carb diets and traditional nutritionists. And it’s making people angry and confused.

The burning question, are low-carb diets just a fad or the way to reduce obesity? To answer this, a special online event “Low-Carb Diets – #FadOrFuture?” is being held on 23rd February..

Low Carb Fat Diets - Are they Fad or the Future?

Global Study Shows Australian Children Are Overweight

Global Study Shows Australian Children Are Overweight

A new study shows Australia is in the top ten of a global study tracking progress on health yet face challenges in alcohol consumption and overweight children says Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) Michael Moore.

“Australia has an obesity problem and what’s even more is that our children are suffering. We need to invest in preventative measures targeting obesity and alcohol so our children can have a healthy future.”

The study published in the Lancet, Measuring the health-related...

Global Study Shows Australian Children Are Overweight



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