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Total Gym Elevate Series - The Workout Gym Auckland

New Total Gym® Facility Opens In Auckland

The Workshop Gym is “WOW-ing” members with its new Total Gym fitout.

John Pemberton, Owner of The Workshop Gym in Auckland recently expanded and upgraded his Total Gym Studio. John has been using the Total Gym GTS® in his facility since 2012 and felt it was a good time to upgrade to the latest model.

The facility features five Total Gym GTS units on which the Workshop Gym offers small group training sessions and expands to larger Team Training sessions and Gravity Pilates; His members love the new units and this has resulted in an improved uptake and attendance rates across the programs offered.

Also added to The Workshop Gym was the Total Gym ELEVATE Circuit® which offers a total body Workout either in a Trainer led Circuit or member self-serve capacity.

John has been trialling the Elevate Circuit on kids for the past month and finds it provides a fun way of teaching kids from as young as 6 years old how to move and use their growing bodies functionally, and most importantly safely.

Getting more kids moving in a non-competitive environment allows even the least confident to improve their strength and fitness. “Utilising the Elevate Line in conjunction with the Bosu Balance Trainer® or the new Bosu Elite®, and skill based games we have developed the M.A.D (Mobility/Agility/Dynamic strength) programme for kids. We are teaching our kids M.A.D Skills and they can’t get enough.” John Pemberton, TWG owner.

Greg Doherty, CEO of HQH Fitness, says, “Having a facility like The Workshop Gym virtually in the heart of Auckland, showcases the Total Gym complete product line and allows an opportunity for equipment buyers to have a look at the kit in action.”

Viewing welcome by appointment – contact Greg Doherty, +6421 825 391 or email or click here for more information on the Total Gym GTS and Total Gym Elevate Series.


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